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Wednesday, September 07, 2005

About "Clean Lines"

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"Clean Lines is 'contemplative
jazz'--thoughtful, striking.
Like "cool jazz" or "new age jazz".
-R. Dev, San Rafael CA

"Many moods, but it always
stays within a zone.

It's a great companion."

-Barbara Steele, Ashland OR

"Tea and Rain" is reminiscent of Keith Jarrett. "Parade of Westies" is a delight.
'Clean Lines' is a beautiful record.
-Kim Bromley, San Rafael CA

"Each tune' is
clear, focused, arresting."
-Thom Elkjer, Boonville CA

"Elkjer's work here is
truly amazing.... moving from complexity to simplicity with
seamless brilliance. " -Dan Nichols , Sonoma CA

"Quite beautiful. In line with jazz albums I adore."
-Laura Legant, Providence RI

"A nice, light touch. And incredibly clear. It's hard to find music like this."
-Peter Schmitz, San Francisco CA

"I missed my freeway exit twice, listening to "Clean Lines".
It's a wonderful CD."
- Michael Moskowitz, Mill Valley CA

"Love 'Clean Lines'--it's calming, sophisticated, jazzy, unique."
-Susan Granen, San Rafael CA

Audio Clips: ( visit the site for more clips):
"Train of Thought"
"Big Rock Ridge"
"Round Midnight"
From Robert Elkjer:

With "Clean Lines", I've tried to edit
myself. To make every note count.
In this respect, "Clean Lines" is a
good record for jazz newcomers.
It's accessible.

Listen to "Clean Lines" all the way
through. Or put it on behind
during a quiet party, while
while reading, while driving.
Let it be your

Influences: Miles Davis "Kinda Blue", "Milestones", "Seven Steps to
Heaven", et al. Stan Getz: "Getz/Gilberto". These recordings whisper,
but also command our attention with incredible beauty.

Clifford Brown: "The Beginning and the End". Clifford Brown's soft
(but bullet-like) tonguing on fast passages still thrills me.
There is a softness there, a sweetness, but incredible passion.

Bill Evans, Herbie Hancock, Chet Baker, JJ Johnson,
Freddie Hubbard, and too many other recordings to list.

"Suburban Composer"

oil on canvas

Patricia Blau

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